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System Concepts

The underlying system concepts are captured in this section.

Thing as a system based upon System (Abstract) Conceptual Model (Chapter 10 GST Bertalanffy)

System Description: Abstract System

What is a system description?

The focus for this System Description is the System-of-Interest. The system-of-interest can be described using a System Description.

The System Description includes the following sections representing views of the system-of-interest:

  • System Name and Class
  • System Purpose
  • System Properties
  • System Stakeholders and their concerns
  • System Environment (Context)
  • System Structure (Pattern of Organization)
  • System Behavior (Structural Changes)
  • Correspondences
  • Decisions and Rationale
  • References

This section includes a System Description for an Abstract System as the System-of-Interest.

The System Description Architecture Description Framework

Instructions for creating a system [architecture] description.

Sys ADF Viewpoint Relationships

System Patterns and Natural Systems

Various System Description examples of System Patterns and Natural Systems


Various System Patterns:

Control System, Adaptive Control System, Viable System, etc.

Various Living Systems:

Person, Social System, Ecosystem



System Descriptions: Enterprise and Earth.

The Enterprise as a System of Systems

This is the system description for the enterprise as a SoS. This forms the basis for an Enterprise SoS Architecture Description Framework.

The Earth (Gaia) as a System of Systems

Draft available on request.

System Description Big Picture .. System Description underpins other Architecture Description Frameworks