Read Me First!!!

This website provides instruction and insights into describing a thing as a system. The description of a thing as a system is included in a system description. This website contains some examples of system descriptions to show their structure, content and use.

The system description also provides the terminology (ontology) that forms the common context of meaning for the various teams (social systems) working with the thing as a system.

The key links to the basic information about a system is are shown below:

Please see the following Links for the System Description: System (Abstract).

The System Description includes the following sections representing views of the system-of-interest:

  • System Name and Class
  • System Purpose
  • System Properties
  • System Stakeholders and their concerns
  • System Environment (Context)
  • System Structure (Pattern of Organization)
  • System Behavior (Structural Changes)
  • Correspondences
  • Decisions and Rationale
  • References

The following links help create a System Description

The following are links to the COMPASS Project and the CAFF:

Note COMPASS information is used to see a network of systems or system of systems.